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Stephen Farias

Stephen Farias, PhD: Cofounder & CEO

Received his PhD in Materials Science from Johns Hopkins University and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University. Stephen lead initial technical development, market research, and customer discovery. Based on in-depth customer research, he pivoted NanoDirect to focus on printable and flexible electronics enabling its transformation from a research technology to an enterprise-focused company.

Sam Rosenthal

Sam Rosenthal, PhD: Cofounder & CTO

Received his PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from Johns Hopkins University. He has expertise in emulsions, dielectrophoresis, digital image processing, nano-colloids, materials characterization, and multi-physics modeling. Sam leads technical innovation and product development at NanoDirect.

Scott Gaboury

Scott Gaboury, PhD: Technical Marketing

Scott is an accomplished R&D Executive with 25 years of global industrial experience in the fields of coatings, polymers and specialty materials. He has worked within global chemical conglomerates and entrepreneurial experience having successfully launched companies in electronic textile manufacturing and chemical formulation consulting. Scott brings his vast experience from the chemical processing and smart-garments industries to NanoDirect.

Robert Cammarata

Prof. Robert Cammarata: Cofounder

Truly a titan in Materials Science Community, Prof. Cammarata (Bob) was instrumental to the formation of NanoDirect through his cutting-edge research, mentorship, and founding role as CSO. Sadly, Bob passed away in 2016, however NanoDirect strives to continue his legacy of excellence and integrity in advancing the field. A more extensive tribute to him can be found here:


To help our customers improve quality and reliability in their products and usher in commercial manufacturing of printable and flexible electronics.


The technological foundation of NanoDirect grew out of research conducted by the Cammarata group at Johns Hopkins University that demonstrated the separation and controlled motion of nanoscale carbon-based materials. The initial commercialization research was conducted using MII Phase I funding in 2013. NanoDirect then joined the FastForward Incubator System of Johns Hopkins in 2014, where the technology was further refined and developed to create continuous flow systems that have shown the ability to separate nanomaterials by their size, shape, electrical, and chemical properties. These technologies have been successfully applied in beta tests with key industry partners leaving NanoDirect positioned for scaling and early commercialization.

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