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Nanoparticle Processing & Purification

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Materials Characterization & Analysis

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Silver Nanowires and Inks

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What We Do

Obtaining uniform particle size and shape is our expertise. We use patented processes to separate particles more rapidly, with more precision and at a lower cost than centrifugation.

Using our processes, we have developed our own brand of high-performance silver nanowires and related inks that outperform industry standards.

Bring our team of scientists and engineers in to help you solve your nanoparticle problems.


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Purification Process

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Our Mission

To help our customers improve the quality and reliability in their nanoparticle-based products and usher in commercial manufacturing of printable and flexible electronics.

Our History

We grew out of research conducted by the Cammarata group at Johns Hopkins University. Our principal founder, Dr. Stephen Farias, was performing his dissertation on the use of dielectrophoresis to control the motion of nanoparticles so that they could be assembled into various nano scale structures.

Dr. Farias realized that with proper engineering, dielectrophoresis could be an efficient method for obtaining uniform nanoparticles at an industrial scale and he launched NanoDirect along with Dr. Cammarata in 2014.

With initial financing from the Technology Development Corporation of Maryland, we demonstrated the ability to separate carbon-based nanoparticles in a continuous process. With this unique and patented process in hand, we were able to find our first customers and bootstrap our growth from there.

Today, we continue to provide custom manufacturing services and sell our technology package for use by nanoparticle manufacturers. We now also offer our own product lines including silver nanowires and inks.

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We’re ready to work with you and your teams to custom manufacture and purify nanoparticles to meet your needs. Contact us today and we’ll arrange a consultation!